Chiang mai – Bangkok Night Train

3.30pm – We hopped in a tuktuk to Chiang Mai train station – a pink one at that!

5:00pm – Boarded the night train which was much nicer than we expected! Although one of the toilets turned out to be a hole in the ground, which opened out onto the railway below you… you wouldn’t want to fall down there! We ended up with the beds right next to the carriage door, with noise and fumes from the railway flying through the latticework in the door. I was way to scared to attempt to go into another carriage – our carriage seemed to have a life of its own!

7:00pm – The train guard (accompanied by two train navy men, with guns) came and put together our bunk beds. Me and Aggie got the short straw and ended up in the top bunks, which were 2/3rds of the size of Chloe and Holly’s bottom bunks! The only safety to keep us in our bunk were two black seatbelts holding the bed up to the ceiling, but would have been no use at all if we were to sleep in the foetal position – we’d roll straight out! It did give us something to laugh about though, and we found the whole situation quite hilarious. The train guard was also very sweet though and smiled the whole way through, plumping up our pillows and putting together the stepladders.

8.00pm – Me and Aggie attempted to go to the other toilet in our carriage, which turned out to actually be a toilet! Although I did manage to stand on the leaver for the bday, resulting in me and Aggie jumping out of our skin, getting drenched, and giggling so much we woke up a man in the carriage next to us. Think we nearly wet ourselves in laughter!

10:00pm – We attempted to go to sleep. Which ended up in us getting no sleep at all, as the train was way too noisy and rocky. Managed to dose on and off a lot, but every time I checked the time only half an hour had passed!

5:00pm – Woke up to the train guard pulling back all of our curtains singing ‘good morning’ in as happier tone as he could, bless him. He must’ve been shattered! We got a tuk tuk straight to the hotel where we dumped our bags, and spend the rest of the day in Starbucks trying to keep ourselves awake!



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