My 19th Birthday!

Woke up on the last day of the Elephant Nature Park to Holly’s alarm at 6.19 on the 9th April – the exact time I was born! The girls jumped into my mosquito net, and gave me unexpected gifts of a feather necklace I had fallen in love with in Laos, a dream catcher and a beautiful handmade card. They’re so sneaky!

We spent the day walking two little Pomeranian puppies called Icicle and Snowflake, who we instantly fell in love with! They had been rescued from a puppy mill, where there were 3 dogs to a cage fit for one, and were being sold off at extortionate¬†¬†prices! Aggie had a dog called Dollar, who kept starfishing in the middle of the road and refused to walk. She ended up having to run with him to make him walk, im surprised she didn’t get dragged away!

Our 4 volunteer leaders, Dan, Jan, Say and Wat sneakily had organised for a vegan cake to be made with my name on it, and after checking out Chloe popped round the corner with it and everyone started singing happy birthday. The tour leaders gave me a book of the Elephant Nature Park which they, and the rest of the friends we had made that week signed. I also got an elephant teddy which has a tshirt with the logo on the front, which all seemed like lovely gifts until I tried to fit them into my already packed bag!

After a birthday treat of a mayo chicken and chips at McDonald’s, we headed out with 5 of the friends we had made that week to explore Chiang Mai nightlife, which turned out to be so much fun! We started off at a bar/club called Zoe in Yellow which was mostly outdoors, played good music, and had cheapish drinks. We stayed there until it closed and then headed to Spicy – an even worse version of the Chapel! This I would not reccomend as much… but it is the only club open after 12, and beggars can’t be choosers! Here we met several lady boys who ended up being great fun.

The following morning we headed off for my birthday present from mum – Flight of the Gibbons! It is a huge zip line adventure, with abseiling included, high up in the treetops. I was slightly nervous as I have never been good with heights, but it was the most awesome adrenaline experience I have ever had! Some zip lines were huge, and seemed to never stop. The first few didn’t seem that high, as the tree canopy below was so close to where we were on the platform it made the ground seem closer. It wasn’t until we got to the last few zip lines you realised how high up you were – my knees started jittering all over the place! I filmed it all on my GoPro, even when we saw 3 of the 5 gibbons in that forest which we were very lucky to see, and I also filmed Aggie abseiling down the tree with a massive hole in her shorts – it was hilarious!

That evening ended up being a very early night, as we were all exhausted and knew there was a night train to Bangkok the day after, which turned out to be a very bittersweet journey.

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