Phi Phi Islands

We arrived on Phi Phi on the 26th of April. After having a horrible day of a 2 hour boat, 3 hour bus journey, then another 2 hour boat we were absolutely exhausted and never has an island looked so beautiful. As we pulled up into the harbour, the island instantly felt like home! The tall mountainous surroundings, the long tail boats decorated in colourful offerings, and the palm trees dotted all along the shoreline.

We got off the boat and met our tour guide Whitney who we’d spend the next few days with, who took us to our hotel. As soon as I walked along the cobbled streets I fell in love with phi phi! There is no transport on the island other than by foot or by bike, and the only way to get there is by a boat. It’s a bit like a Thai version of Sark! The shops, restaurants and dive schools line the streets making the maze that the streets of phi phi are, its way too easy to get lost here! Our hotel room was small, with basic amenities but it had aircon which is what matters the most here! That evening we headed out to a western bar where I had fajitas – I was in heaven! There is only so much noodles and rice a girl can eat.

The next morning we headed out on a boat trip around the island, which turned out to be the most gorgeous boat we’ve been on yet! At the front of the top deck there were blue cushions which we quickly went and jumped on, and sunbathed there for the rest of the day, it was gorgeous! The sun was out in full force but the sea breeze made it much cooler. We first headed to monkey island – its what it says on the tin! We swam over to see the monkeys being poked, having selfies taken and bottles of water thrown at them to see if they would drink from it. It was all a bit sad and made me ashamed to be a tourist! One monkey got so pissed off with one man he bit him, not that you can blame him. The actual island was beautiful though and after an hour of snorkelling and admiring the scenery, we swam back to the boat.

We then headed to Bamboo island – or Chinese island as the locals call it! They weren’t kidding either, the whole island only had Chinese people on it, and they were literally taking selfies everywhere! We didn’t spend long there and it was getting dark so quickly headed back to the bay, with a quick stop off at shark point. Sadly we didn’t actually see any sharks, although we did see our first turtle and flying fish which we were all so pleased about – it was our mission to see a turtle before the end of the trip! Holly even cried

That evening we went and explored Phi Phi’s crazy nightlife, which didn’t really turn out to be too crazy. We did watch Thai boxing though which was so fun to watch and we all really got into it! Sadly we didn’t go on a night where any professionals were boxing though, and it was all just a load of drunk tourists trying to look cool. Was still very funny to watch though.

On our last day in Phi Phi we headed out on a Maya Bay tour, where we went to the location that the beach was filmed. We boarded the tiniest boat in the world, but with the nicest Thai crew we have met so far, they were definitely up for a laugh! On the way we stopped off at a cave where they collect birds nests for birds nest soup, id never realised how expensive it was to buy! Not sure I’ll be trying it anytime soon either. We were given a meal of yellow curry and fruit which was gorgeous, before heading off in a little boat to explore Maya Bay Beach. Sadly it was a bit of a grey day, so the scenery was not quite as picturesque as we had hoped for, however the views were still spectacular and we even found nemo! Behind the beach there were loads of trees with their roots high up above the ground, which was due to the Boxing Day tsunami dragging most of the coastline out to sea. Was quite sad to see, even with it being so many years ago, and it brought it home even more with signs to a tsunami evacuation site just in case it happened again. I felt a bit naive to think it only had affected Sri Lanka and Indonesia, this has definitely been an educational trip!

We were supposed to sleep aboard the boat that evening but a huge storm came in so we ended up having to go back to the hotel we had stayed at for the last few nights, before leaving early the next morning to head for Phuket. I was so gutted to leave as I have totally fallen in love, and have decided if I am to move away from the UK Phi Phi is where I am going to be!

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