Phuket & Koh Samui

Leaving Phi Phi was the sadest goodbye to a place for me so far, I was gutted! I have told myself I will definitely return one day very soon! After catching a 2 hour ferry to Phuket, and a crazy taxi drive later, we arrived at our hotel. It was pretty basic but had all you needed in a hotel, and the cutest fluffy Pomeranian I have ever seen!

We headed out thatĀ evening with the group of friends we had made on Thai Intro, and after grabbing a drink at a bar on the main strip of Phuket, we headed to a ladyboy show, as apparently when in Thailand it is a must see! I don’t even want to explain what we saw that night, but let’s put it this way, I will never be returning!

The weather for the rest of our time in Phuket ended up being pretty grim, with torrential rain and thunderstorms. We spent most of our time having movie days with the odd walk down to the beach, which we weren’t too worried about seeking we were all suffering from air con cold!

After 4 days in Phuket we decided that we wanted to explore Koh Samui as we had a few days spare before Holly started her diving on the 6th of May. We grabbed a taxi to the bus station who again drove like a lunatic but still could not manage to get us there on time so we had to wait in a layby for the bus to come past us! Do you even have to take a driving test out here? We were on the bus for around 5 hours, before waiting at another bus station for an hour, then another hour bus, then an hour wait at the ferry port, then an hour ferry. All in all it was a pretty grim day of travelling and we have never been so pleased to see an island before!

After arriving in Koh Samui we got our transfer to our hotel, which took around an hour. The owners of the hotel were so lovely and instantly made us feel at home with their jokes and smiles! That evening we headed straight to bed, and were asleep within minutes, it had been a long day.

For the next two days on Koh Samui we spent it on the beach around a 10 minute walk away, which was absolutely gorgeous! The sea was the picturesque turquoise blue and the white sand stretched all around the bay. We spent our days swimming, sunbathing and eating watermelon and coconut from a little Thai man under an unbrella by the shore – he liked us so much we even got a free banana each! We also had a few Thai men come sing to us which we thought was sweet, until they asked for 50 baht once they’d finished… Every evening we ate at the same restaurant because it was SO cheap! The food was gorgeous too and a lot of spaghetti bolognese and Thai green curry was consumed. It’s been pretty chilled and relaxing out here, but we can’t afford to do much else with only a week to go! There is not much culture on these islands either particularly, so we’re not feeling too guilty treating it like a holiday.

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