Songkran Festival

When we first planned to go to Bangkok, we had no idea that we had planned to go during Songkran festival! Songkran is New Year in Thailand, and they celebrate it by going to visit their families and having a massive water fight.  The water is supposed to symbolise washing away bad spirits, and therefore is supposed to be good luck. The streets are littered with stalls selling water guns, however big or small, waterproof phone cases and mud to put on your face. Many independent shops shut so the streets look empty, and Bangkok is not quite as busy as usual with most of the residents at their family homes. On the Saturday of Songkran, me and Holly decided we wanted to pop out for an iced coffee so got ready to go out forgetting it was Songkran. Just a few minutes into our journey we realised what day it was, as we became absolutely covered in mud, ice and water and were absolutely soaked to the skin! It was so much fun to be a part of it though, especially watching the little kids with their Spider-Man and Frozen waterguns having the time of their lives. Although, the iced water was freezing, I definitely appreciated the free cooling off!

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