ThaiIntro – Khao Sok

We arrived in Khao Sok at around 12pm. We got a long tail boat across the river, which gave the most breathtaking views I have ever seen! I almost think it bested Halong Bay, with the islets being much larger, greener and impressive. The lake had been artificially made though by a damn being installed many years ago to flood the valley, which did slightly ruin the beauty of it.

When we arrived, We got off our long tail boat onto a pontoon which had a restaurant in the centre and then two big wooden walkways going off either side with little floating bungalows. The whole structure was on floats so you literally felt like you were on a boat, and when a boat did come past the waves made our bungalows rock and bang so much I started to feel a little sea sick! It was the most surreal overnight stay, where we floated around the lake in little rubber rings, sunbathed on the pontoon and spent the whole evening with no wifi, with all 24 of us sat in a circle laughing at Kyle who was so drunk and has such a hilarious personality that he provided the whole evening entertainment! We all got very sunburnt though, and had sore bodies as well as heads in the morning. The skinny dipping in the lake definitely helped cool our sunburn off though!

We also saw a wild boar on the island next to us, and the people who lived on the floating bungalows and worked in the restaurant took us behind the kitchen to where they lived to let us have a closer look, as we did think it was a hippo at first! Their home was literally mattresses outside with fabric making a shelter just in case it rained, and boxes full of clothes, pots and pans. It is so sad to think that we thought staying there was luxury – waking up, looking our our windows over the lake and islets, when all they dream about is moving to England and away from Khao Sok. I wanted to just give them our bungalow, it was definitely more comfortable and homely than where they were staying!

Me and Chloe had the end bungalow which was super rocky, so when we were getting ready for bed we sat outside to brush our teeth. We looked up and saw the stars, and never have I seen so many stars in my life! Our tour leader Louis, and a few others came to watch the stars with us. We saw many shooting stars – two of which had a tail so long it spanned across the whole sky, it was truely magical! It was definitely my favourite place so far, so peaceful and isolated with no worries in the world. I will definitely have to go back one day! We ended up sleeping on the wooden planks of the pontoon overnight just so that we could watch the stars, which was uncomfortable but beautiful.

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