ThaiIntro – Koh Phangan

After waking up to bright daylight on the wooden planks after a night of no sleep from stargazing, we packed our bags and headed for breakfast. We ended up being given insipid tuna sandwiches, so decided to wait to get to 7/11.  Aggies gluten free option turned out to be 2 slices of plain bread.. so she also gave it a miss!

After 2 boat trips and a 2 hour bus, we arrived at Koh Phangan ferry port. On the boat journey there we had 2 hours entertainment from a 3 year old Thai kid who danced and clapped for us all the way there! We got a tuk tuk to Sarana where we were staying, which was absolutely beautiful! There was a restaurant area and then little white and blue bungalows surrounding an infinity pool in the centre, looking straight over the beach. We then got given the keys to our rooms, and Louis definitely gave us the best room! It was the bungalow right on the beach, where you opened the curtains straight out onto the sea. Outside were two hammocks where you could lay and listen to the sea, and inside were 4 single beds and a bathroom 4 times the size of my one back home – you could’ve fit 10 people in the shower! Louis said he gave us it because we were his favourites, and that because we’d been travelling so long in dorks we deserved some luxury. There were also two resident dogs called Dave and Sandy, who both had little matching ties. Leaving them was so sad!

That evening we went and had a meal at a western bar where we covered ourself in neon paint and shortly after headed to a beach party, which had flame throwers and lots of alcohol. It ended up being a very fun night! We also met Cash, the gay man who owns our hotel, and he would have 100% won a dance competition with his moves. On the way home in the tuk tuk, we had all had a bit too much to drink and one of the girls shoved me over and I ended up smashing my head on the floor! So the following day, apart from a massage, I ended up doing nothing and recovering from hangover, headache, and sight loss in one eye! The chicken nuggets from the restaurant definitely made me feel better though, that and watching Moana with popcorn in the evening.

The following day we headed out on a boat around the island snorkelling. We saw so many different fish – from small striped ones, to larger ones which were all the colours of the rainbow! We spent the afternoon on Malibu beach where we played volleyball, frisbee in the sea and ate ice cream. That evening the hotel we were staying at set up a BBQ and bonfire on the beach where we all sat on little cushions around low tables, eating the most food we have eaten in ages! There was chicken, corn, potatoes, sausages, and pasta salad. Felt like a dream! That night we went swimming in the pool at midnight with the bartender called P-Tong who is the loveliest Thai guy I have met yet.

On our last day in Koh Phangan with our group we made the most of the gorgeous setting and sunbathed on the beach outside our bungalow during the day, and then all had a fancy Thai buffet with lots of alcohol in the evening – we all drank way too much! I drank so much I ended up flat on my face in the gravel, so am now covered in cuts and a broken toe! Luckily the alcohol numbed the pain, but I’ve decided I should probably give alcohol a bit of a break for a little while. It’s been a booze filled 4 days!

We’re now off to Phi Phi Islands with half of the original group, so are dreading the 7hour ferry, bus, taxi, ferry we have to go through to get there!

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