utopia & mount phousi

So today is our last day in Luang Prabang and we’re all slightly gutted. It’s definitely time to move on as we’ve explored every inch of this city, but we have loved the relaxed, rural vibes that it has to offer so much that we can’t help feel a little bit of sadness!

On Thursday we decided we were going to have a chilled out day as very soon we’ll be shovelling elephant poop and building schools for a week! However, after a coffee me and Aggie decided we had enough energy to climb Mount Phousi in 34 degree heat at 1pm in the afternoon. What a mistake that was! After paying 20,000 kip and climbing the hundreds of white zig zag steps to the top (with around 6 pit stops on the way) we finally made it to the top! The views from the top were absolutely breathtaking – there were 360 degree views of the whole of Luang Prabang surrounding a beautiful golden temple. We sat in the shade trying to recover and cool off for around 20 minutes taking in the scenery, although I could have sat there all day!

That evening we all fancied going out for drinks. Since being out here we have only had alcohol 3 evenings, so thought we’d splash a bit of cash and go for some cocktails! The evening before we had bumped into 3 friends we had made from the Halong Bay party cruise who recommended going to Utopia – the most popular bar for tourists in Luang Prabang. So around 8pm we headed down, and we’re pleasantly surprised! It was an outdoor bar with all the tables low to the ground with cushions and day beds surrounding them. The only light was by candles and lanterns hanging from trees, and we decided to sit in the games area with our cosmopolitans, bikini martini’s and pina coladas playing bullshit & go fish!

By the toilets we bumped into two English guys who turned out to be from Bournemouth and Salisbury! The guy from Salisbury, called Roy, turned out to work in a chip shop called Mani’s which is our go to location for food after a night out in chapel. Mani’s in Laos, it’s a small world! They came and joined us to play a few card games, along with two Austrian guys who spent the whole evening boasting about how they were having an 100$ elephant ride for free and a 400$ meal for free as they were the best cinematographers in Austria. You can be the best cinematographer with the most amount of money in the world, but riding an elephant which has been beaten and held in captivity just because it as free still makes you a douche!

In Laos the curfew for bars and clubs is 11.30pm due to the early morning starts for locals who get up at 7am to go and give offerings to monks on the street. As we all left promptly at the time the bar closed, we met a bunch of French and Australian guys who told us that there is one place that is allowed to be open and serve alcohol after 11.30 – the bowling! Turns out this is the go to place after drinking at a bar, as after hopping in a cheap tuk tuk with 5 others we had just bumped into we arrived to a packed hall. We split into teams – holly and chloe vs aggie & chrispian (an Australian) vs 2 French guys vs solo me. However I was not at a disadvantage, as after 1 strike and a spare I ended up coming second! Alcohol definitely improves my bowling technique, and we ended up having one of the funniest nights of the trip so far! Luang Prabang has got to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet and I am sure to come back here one day.

I am player one!


2 thoughts on “utopia & mount phousi

  1. Sarah Roach says:

    Love it Ellie….. I sound like a stuck record but it all sounds amazing and I am loving your blogging. Too right that Aussie is a douche 😉 xxx

  2. Nanny says:

    Good reading again Ellie. I do hope the boastful Austrian guys realised what bad treatment the elephants endured during their ride – you never know. Xxx

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